Glad to meet you! We are a team of experienced Baristas, Event Organizer, and Marketing Experts.  We, like you, are people who love coffee very much and understand that you have high standard for enjoying coffee.  Therefore, in addition to providing high quality coffee products, we also keep in mind to continue to deepen our coffee knowledge and skills, with strong connection with Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan and other coffee manufacturers around the world. In our free time, we love to taste a good cup of coffee. We believe that if you really love coffee, you can make a cup of coffee that is overwhelming.


Coffee Man services include: Specialty Coffee Training, café operation training, coffee shop consultant service, coffee service for events, coffee beans and equipment recommendations and purchasing. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.


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CoffeeMan Melba SO Beans - Guatemala

    • 250g Single Origin
    • Origin: Guatemala Huehuetenango
    • Medium roast
    • Process: Washed sun dried
    • Altitude: 1600m
    • Tasteing Notes: Rich cup with a nippy blackcurrent and lemon acid dark chocolate, toasty malt and roasted buttery almonds to finish