As a small company in Hong Kong, founded in 2018, we are dedicated to bringing wellness and convenience to your door. Our products are free of MSG, preservatives, additives and we use good quality natural ingredients only. We wanted to reinvent the meaning of snacking so we added a twist to nuts! Nuts can be consumed on a daily basis and are filled with healthy fats and fibre. From there, we created a series of gourmet nuts for the more health conscious to lovers of indulgence. Apart from that, we also have our special vegan almond biscuits and colourful dried fruits that will surely cheer you up! 

Dried Mango (By Eat Better)

    • 100% all natural ingredients
    • Vegan
    • No added oil, sugar
    • Gluten free
    • This product does not contain any MSG, preservatives, additives
    • Net weight: 50g 


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