About the Coffee Impact


We love our planet. And we believe that everyone can have what they need without destroying the earth.  Our mission is to find sustainable ways of empowering rural communities to lift themselves out of poverty, and one of those ways is through organic coffee. We work directly with coffee farmers to ensure they’re paid a fair wage, and a part of our profits goes to community projects that help people learn, earn, stay healthy and build a better life for themselves. We also want to empower people like you in your commitment to be kind to the planet and to yourselves. As well as providing an organic option for coffee drinkers, we partner with urban farming initiatives in Hong Kong and fund environmental projects across Asia.

Impact Berry Wake-up Call (Robusta)

  • Tasting note

    Vanilla, White Choc, Hazelnut


    How to brew

    Works well with all coffee machines and brewing methods; best as espresso or a strong filter coffee.



    Hand-picked and processed at a small family farm in the lush jungles of northern Lombok, Indonesia.


    Freshly Roasted in Hong Kong

    ROAST medium | Filter, Espresso
    BEAN 100% organic fine Robusta
    ELEVATION 1.000 masl
    PROCESS Honey Processed